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Czech Conference Interpreter | Czech Interpreter Services

Our team of qualified Czech Translators, Czech Conference Interpreters / Czech Interpreters are experienced in EU matters, pharmaceuticals, international law, trade unions and labour relations as well as fashion and IT.

They are also trained to provide long consecutive with notes, whispered interpreting and simultaneous interpreting (in a booth).



Karel | Why Choose Me?

I am a native Czech-/ Slovak and Hungarian speaker with a formal education in aforesaid languages. I have an under- and post graduate education in English @ University of Westminster (formerly PCL), London, UK.

About me

I have an established U.K/ U.S based all round direct advertising, pre- and post production experience. As well as practical knowledge of copy writing and project management of over twenty (20+) years.

At the present, I work remotely as an AQR for Google dealing with localization, metrics and quality control of on-line advertising content for this multi-national client.

I also work as a freelance Czech Translator and Czech Interpreter for Geneva Worldwide, LSA & Cyracom with Federal/ State agencies in U.S and Canada, across four (4) time zones; along with U.K based F2F and Czech telephone interpreting for H.M Government agencies. e.g  Immigration Service, HMRC, DWP, LPT (ILPS), HMPS and NHS. Also, I offer Czech translation Services in the legal & medical fields, Czech Translation Services on pharmaceutical content / editing for RRDonnelley in above languages.

In the past, I have carried out Czech translation services for Art-Bibliographies Modern, Canada on an ongoing/ freelance basis.  I have translated art catalogue materials from East European languages > English.

I have good interpersonal, as well as (I.T) digital skills after a two (2) years’ postgraduate study in interactive media in London, UK


• Twenty years’ experience of copy writing of direct mail advertising and editorial materials, proven Czech Translator
• Native language skills in Czech/ Slovak, Hungarian, hence I am a native Czech Translator
• Fluent written & spoken idiomatic English skills *British under- & post graduate education (U.K) *


• Versatile: Aesthetically and technically trained, I provide various technical Czech Translation Services
• Adept at coordinating, supervising and executing any specified project


• Prepared sales presentations including visuals and cost estimates on ongoing basis
• Successfully pitched accounts to prospective clients
• Coordinated all aspects of pre-production including
casting, hiring of talent and production schedules
• Supervised a team of staff and subcontractor during production
Responsible for overall technical and aesthetic quality control of materials produced
Ten (10+) yrs of Czech Conference interpreting /Czech Interpreting & Czech translation services experience

My Education as Czech Translator, Czech Interpreter and Czech Conference Interpreter

Polytechnic of Central London (PCL), London U.K
• B.A (Hons) Ad & Ed Photography (1975 – 78)
Progressive professional experience spanning 30+ years
OTHER SKILLS: Good working knowledge P.C / Mac OSX
Web page design DHTML, JavaScript / PERL
Polyglot linguist, native Czech Translator/ Slovak& Hungarian / Check Interpreter
Localization experience with idiomatic English skills

Czech Interpreter and Czech Translation fields I specialise in

Czech Interpreter in the Legal sector, Czech Interpreter in the Humanities and medical fields
Czech Translator in the Legal field, Czech Translation Services in the Humanities and medical sectors
Legal, Humanities and medical

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

CHRONOLOGY: *ZeroChaos (Google), New York/ Orlando, FLA
1/2016 – to-date

Czech Translator for CyraCom International, New York / Tucson AZ
2/2016– to-date

*Czech Translator / Czech Interpreter for Language Services Associates, London / Phila PA
7/2013 – to-date

*Czech Interpreter / Czech Translator BigWord Group, London / New York
11/2010 – 2/2016

*Czech Translation Services for UNICEF, Div of Communication, New York
12/2008 – 11/2010

Strobe Studios, New York / FLA
4/1991 – 9/1996

Karel Kovac & Associates, London
10/1980 – 3/1991

*Art Bibligraphies Modern, Canada
1974 – 1978

Reviews about my Czech Interpreter, Czech Conference Interpreter and Czech Translation services

Reviews on my Czech Interpreter / Czech Conference Interpreter and Czech translation services and  skills are available on request

ZDENEK | Why Choose Me?

I am in a very unique situation in that I was born in Czechoslovakia and raised in the U.S. with all my schooling and education in the U.S. Because of my unique circumstances and life situation I speak, read, and write both Czech and English to a degree few people can. My language skills in Czech and english have not not only been taught but also experienced, allowing my communication to flow with ease in both casual and professional context. My primary language is english but I can communicate easily in Czech with no hint of an American accent. I believe this makes me very unique in the fields of interpreting and translation.

About me

My name is Zdenek and I was born in Czechoslovakia.  I was raised and educated in the U.S..  I have completed all my education in the U.S. including my high school degree, computer science degree, degrees in science and applied science (Registered Nursing and pre-med), U.S. teaching experience in english and history, and ASE Certified mechanic x 12 years.  I have been providing Czech translation services work from a variety of sources for approximately 35 years and have experience in Czech interpreting services in both layman and technical fields including Czech Translation services in the medical field, Czech Translation services in the social work sectors, and technical Czech Translation Services.  I am proficient in computer skills, all things of a medical nature and social work, and overall have a very large knowledge base in regards to most things technical, automotive, and political.  My interests range very widely including music, automotive, electronics, political, historic, and art.  I was a member of Mensa for many years in the U.S.  I consider myself intelligent, knowledgeable, diligent, hard-working, task and detail oriented, and overall very capable of pretty much anything anyone has ever asked of me.

My values are quite simple. I value hard work and honesty above most all else. I have a strong sense of family and giving of myself in all respects. I have always incorporated my values in all aspects of my life including my extensive education and in the work environment. Working in the medical field you could do no less than your best. In my experience in translation and interpreting I utilised my life skills and experience to produce the most ´human´of results that did not sound like an electronic regurgitation of words and phrases put into a translation device.

My Education as Czech Interpreter and Czech Conference Interpreter

High School Diploma Concord California
Computer Science and History degrees Pleasant Hill College California
Associate in Science Pre-Med and Applied Science Degrees Victoria College and the University of Houston Texas
My primary areas of translation have been of a historical, technical, automotive, medical, and social services fields. I have interpreted in a wide variety of subject matter and field study from everyday conversation to technical and medical seminars.

Services I offer as Czech Interpreter and Czech Conference Interpreter

Translation and interpretation services between Czech and english in a wide variety of fields and subject matter with areas of concentration including medical, pharmaceutical, social services, computer, historical, legal, and automotive primarily. 
See Czech Interpreter tab

Czech Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

medical, pharmaceutical, social services, computer, historical, legal, and automotive
Please see Interpreting tab

Reviews about my Czech Interpreter and Czech Conference Interpreter services

Reviews on my Czech Interpreter / Czech Conference Interpreter and translator skills are available on request